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  • Exploding Oranges

    Exploding Oranges

    Oranges everywhere! More than you ever wanted to know about Orange essential oil

  • Barbecue to the Rescue

    Barbecue to the Rescue



  • Relaxing Bath Recipe

    Relaxing Bath Recipe

    Young Living beauty tip consultant, Dr. Luba Vozar, Phd, has recommended a wonderful blend of Young Living essential oils to create a restoring, aromatic bath: 2 drops pine essential oil 5 drops orange essential oil 5 drops lavender essential oil 1/4 cup honey Mix essential oils in the honey. Fill tub with water and add […]

  • Orange Essential Oil

    Orange Essential Oil

    I love essential oils that are versatile like orange. It slices, it dices! Furniture polish to alert teenagers with smooth skin, stress-be-gone to bug offender. This stuff is good. It also happens to be budget-friendly. Have you noticed how many cleaning products on the market use orange oil? With pure therapeutic grade essential oil, I […]

  • Benefits of Citrus Oils

    Benefits of Citrus Oils

  • Harmony Essential Oil Blend

    Harmony Essential Oil Blend

    Well known for balancing and grounding properties, Harmony essential oil blend is my favorite to diffuse in order to calm the troops, establish world peace, and reduce cranky siblings from getting on each other’s last nerve. The spruce essential oil in Harmony blend is suppose to be the same frequency as prosperity—bring it on! Some […]

  • Holiday Mini Kits

    Holiday Mini Kits

    A great way to share the power of essential oils is by gifting others with one of our three Holiday Mini Kits. Relaxation Mini Kit (Item No. 4871): My personal favorite and even approved of by citizens of Planet Teenager (gasp!)  This kit comes with Idaho Blue Spruce (Item No. 3093) with its pleasing evergreen […]

  • Ideas for Cooking With Essential Oils

    Ideas for Cooking With Essential Oils


  • Abundance Essential Oil Blend

    Abundance Essential Oil Blend

    Abundance Blend is a good-stuff magnet. Our thoughts and intentions enhanced by fragrance create a positive environment called the “law of attraction” which basically means you are open to good stuff and good stuff is attracted to you. The shift in our hearts and minds toward a sense of abundance and gratitude rather than scarcity […]

  • Peace & Calming

    Peace & Calming

    I’m willing to take a stand when it comes to the notion of Peace & Calming® as a major part of my ninja mom arsenal to create an environment of harmony, agreement, calm, serenity, composure, cessation, order, pacification, reconciliation, truce, unity, congeniality, contentment, hush, lull, quiet, relaxation, repose, rest, stillness, and tranquility (I do so […]