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I love Young Living Essential Oils. I’ve been using them everyday for more than 22 years now. I can’t imagine a day without my oils, from my invigorating Peppermint Cedarwood soap in the shower, Sandlewood moisturizer on my face and hands, smelling wonderful already and drinking my NingXia Red packet. If I need an extra boost, I reach for Nitro, since I don’t drink coffee and Nitro is a lot more healthy for my body. There are oils all around my house, my car, my purse, and just about any other bag I may be rolling or toting that day.

Planting lavender at YL Farm

I’m definitely not a “health nut” kind of person. I am cool with the most Granola Girl as much as the most Urban Professional. I remember I used to think only massage therapists were into essential oils. Well, it helped that my friend who introduced me to oils was, in fact, a massage therapist…. But I quickly found out that my instincts were right with each oil I tried, and I learned an enhanced quality of lifestyle which is simple, yet profound. I’ve used my essential oils on my newborns, and I continue to pass them on to my adult children today. My family knows that Mom’s oils “just work.”

It is like trying to describe a new ice cream flavor to you. i can compare it to a zillion other tastes you may be familiar with, but it is way more simple and effective to let you taste it yourself. Unfortunately, I cannot squish oils directly thru the internet to you, but I do ask that you come try them for yourself. The experience of Essential oils is both as ancient as the garden of Eden and as modern as smoothies. I invite you to experience and enjoy this oil enhanced lifestyle with me.



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