Exotic Refreshment


Jade Lemon Vitality adds an energizing kick to your daily diet. Citrusy and exotic, this is an easy way to upscale your daily diet. Here are some quick ideas for incorporating Jade Lemon Vitality into your lifestyle that will have everyone asking you where you got that exotic touch. For a twist of fun, combine Jade Lemon Vitality essential oil with your next frozen yogurt treat. Add 4 drops of Jade Lemon Vitality to a…

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Clarity Essential Oil Blend

Clarity 3321 bottle

Be Alert. The world needs more Lerts. The world definitely needs more alert moms, and alert teenagers would be a huge blessing to society at large. Clarity Essential Oil Blend may cause a sense of mental alertness and clearness of mind. Our family likes to travel overnight to take advantage of the open roads free of traffic jams. As beautiful as this is, it is also crucial that all drivers are alert and awake at…

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