R.C. Essential Oil Blend

Item No. 3405

I tried to find out what R.C. stands for in R.C. essential oil blend. Couldn’t find anything. Maybe it stands for Really Cool, which it is. R.C. blend is my go-to oil for any normal, healthy breathing that I want to do as a part of my wellness lifestyle.

What is in R.C. Essential Oil Blend?

Eucalyptus Globulus

Eucalyptus Radiata

Eucalyptus Citriodora




Supports normal, healthy breathing activity


Supports normal, healthy breathing activity


Lavender essential oil is grounding and relaxing.


It is refreshing, relaxing, & brings the characteristics of supporting normal, healthy breathing activity


This stuff is awesome for waking up teenagers when they don’t wanna get out of bed in the morning. My Planet Teenagers beg me “No, no, not the PEPPERMINT!” (I am so vicious.)


  • Put several drops R.C. blend into a bowl of hot, steaming water. Put a towel over your head and inhale the steam from the mixture. Combine with Raven essential oil blend & Thieves (alternating morning & night) to enhance effects.
  • Use as a hot compress.
  • Use with Raindrop Technique.
  • Put 4 – 8 drops on cotton balls and put in or on air vents.

What do you do with it?

  • Dilute 1 part R.C. essential oil blend to 1 part V-6 vegetable oil complex or vegetable oil (olive or almond, not the Crisco stuff :P) for body massage
  • Put it on chest, neck, throat, or over sinus area.
  • Inhale it (smell it) directly out of the bottle. Put a drop on the palm of your hand & rub your hands together. Cup your hands over your mouth and nose and breathe in deeply several times.Diffuse it: Only cold-diffusers, please. Heat messes up essential oils. Young Living has several great diffusers available:
    • Aria Ultrasonic Diffuser Item No. 4524 makes a mist Item No. 3503with a couple drops of any essential oil and water. Plus, it looks really cool with colored lights & you can hook it up to your tunes. Comes with two 5 ml bottles of oil: peppermint & tangerine.
    • Dewdrop Diffuser Item No. 5330 Custom designed with up to four hours of continuous run diffusion, automatic shut-off, and ambient light control, Young Living’s Dewdrop Diffuser can transform any space into a spa-like atmosphere. This one comes in the starter kit too!
    • Home Diffuser Item No. 4468 This diffuser is the most affordable, it uses ultrasonic stuff to make a mist from a few drops of essential oils and distilled water. As an extra bonus, when you buy this diffuser you also get 2 essential oils, Lavender and Citrus Fresh, in 4 ml bottle

Where else can you find R.C. essential oil blend?

It is part of the Golden Touch 1 Collection, Item No. 3130..


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