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release blend 3408
Item No. 3408
release anger

We carry negative energies on our liver. Kinda makes sense, since the liver is the place that cleans out all the junk from our bodies. Release essential oil blend is good for exactly that “releasing“ anger and frustration from the liver to support normal emotional well being. Release blend is one of the most powerful oils supporting emotional well being. I would be remiss if I didn’t pass on to you what I learned from my upline as a way to remember where to apply this blend: It goes on your Liver, which is NOT on your Left, it is on your right.

What is in Release Blend?

Ylang ylang increases relaxation , filters out negative energy, restores confidence & emotional balance.

Lavindin is from a hybrid plant developed by crossing true lavender with spike lavender or aspic. It has similar calming effects as lavender essential oil.

Geranium essential oil is stimulating and balancing. The influence of the aroma helps release negative memories, opening and uplifting the mind.

Sandalwood essential oil is high in sesquiterpene compounds. Traditionally used in spirituality, meditation, & prayer, it may help remove negative energy.

Blue Tansy  promotes a sense of self-control, and supports a normal, positive attitude.

Olive oil promotes smooth complexion, conditions dry, brittle nails, & helps hair to shine. It mixes well with the essential oils offering nutrients which have greater skin penetration.


  • Add 2 – 4 drops to bath water.
  • Put 4 – 8 drops on cotton balls or tissues and put in or on air vents
  • Put a drop in your palm & rub your hands together, then let your hyperactive pet smell your hands cupped together, brushing your hands down their body. My yorkie likes this chillin out with Mom activity.

What do you do with it?

  • Dilute one essential oil to 15 vegetable oil (olive or almond, not the Crisco stuff :P) for a body massage.
  • Put it over liver (which is not on your left, it’s on your right), or anywhere trauma has occurred . You can also put it on as a compress. Massage a couple drops on bottom of feet and behind ears.
  • Inhale it (smell it) directly out of the bottle. Put a drop in the palm of your hand, rub your hands together, and then cup your hands over your nose & mouth and breathe in deeply several times
  • Diffuse it: Only cold-diffusers, please. Heat messes up essential oils. Young Living has several great diffusers available:
  • Aria Ultrasonic Diffuser Item No. 4524 makes a mist Item No. 3503 with a couple drops of any essential oil and water. Plus, it looks really cool with colored lights & you can hook it up to your tunes. Comes with two 5 ml bottles of oil: peppermint & tangerine.
  • Dewdrop Diffuser Item No. 5330 Custom designed with up to four hours of continuous run diffusion, automatic shut-off, and ambient light control, Young Living’s Dewdrop Diffuser can transform any space into a spa-like atmosphere. This one comes in the starter kit too!
  • Home Diffuser Item No. 4468 This diffuser is the most affordable, it uses ultrasonic stuff to make a mist from a few drops of essential oils and distilled water. As an extra bonus, when you buy this diffuser you also get 2 essential oils, Lavender and Citrus Fresh, in 4 ml bottle

Where else can you find Release essential oil blend?

It is part of  the Feelings Collection, Item No. 3125, which also includes Harmony, Forgiveness, Inner Child, Present Time, and Valor essential oil blends.


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