Emotional Support For Teenagers

Any mom with teenagers can recognize the teenage need for emotional support and stability. As I like to say about the mood swings: “Are we up, or are we down?” Here is a tried and true method for keeping on top of that emotional roller coaster called adolescence. Chocolate chip cookies are also highly recommended.

1. Valor

Put a few drops Valor essential oil blend on bottoms of feet, hold for a few moments (yes, they love to mock this — be strong, you are ninja!)


Put a couple drops Valor blend on one wrist & hold the wrists together a few moments

Purpose:  For grounding, developing strength, courage, and self-esteem.

2. Harmony

Put a few drops Harmony essential oil blend on solar plexus area (soft spot below the separation of the ribs)

Purpose: calms and balances, promotes harmony (get it?)

3. Joy

Put a couple drops Joy essential oil blend over heart

Purpose: Uplifting, clobbers that brooding dark cloud over teenager heads, may even cause spontaneous smiling.

4. White Angelica

Put a couple drops White Angelica essential oil blend on palms, rub together, then

Brush the head, face, base of neck, shoulders, down the body, over the clothes, as if creating an angelic shield…

Purpose: Encourages feelings of protection and security.

Ninja moms report Planet Teenager Citizens using this combination up to three times a day works well. Hug them a lot too — even if they don’t want you to.

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