Di-Gize Blend

Di-Gize bottle
Item No. 3324

Nothing can trash a great outing with kids like tummy complaints. Di-Gize essential oil blend is the standard I reach for, whether it’s kids, myself, or a friend.  My kids knew which oil this one was when they were little (right up there with Peace & Calming, another ninja mom lifesaver.)  Di-Gize blend is my starting point, as in put this on while I figure out if there’s anything else I wanna use. It’s been key in getting my family back on track with whatever normal, healthy activity we are enjoying.

What is in Di-Gize Blend?

Tarragon and fermentation don’t mix. They don’t even date well.

Ginger essential oil has been used traditionally to fight against barfy stomach. Many normal, healthy pregnant women are very familiar with this, as it is often recommended for supporting a normal, healthy experience in the morning.

Peppermint enhances my wellness lifestyle by making Thanksgiving dinners have a more positive effect on me. It’s also yummy, by the way, in tea (just ONE drop people, unless you want brain freeze or something.)

Juniper supports normal, healthy kidney function.

Fennel essential oil supports normal, healthy digestion (yay!) and refuses to date fermentation.

Lemongrass supports normal, healthy digestion.


Patchouli supports normal, healthy digestion and a wellness lifestyle.


  • A drop on a toothpick to suck on may be fun in the morning. Warning: Do NOT stab your tongue or anyone else’s tongue with it. Do not permit children to suck on it, cuz it’s a piece of wood for cryin out loud. Ninja mom’s do not allow their kids to gnaw on stuff that ain’t food. Duh!
  • For most happy tummies, a drop or two on the abdomen supports a wellness lifestyle in ways that may actually bring peace to Ninja moms.

 What do you do with it?

Dilute 1 part essential oil to 4 parts vegetable oil (olive or almond, not the Crisco stuff :P)

Put  it on abdomen, use as a massage, or as a compress on the stomach

Take Digize Vitality as a dietary supplement. Oils that say “Vitality” after them means you can take them internally. Some prefer to put a few drops in a glass of water to drink or add it to another drink such as tea. To take internally, put a few drops into a vegetable gel capsule you can buy from your local Whole Foods or health-conscious food store. If you don’t have one of those, Young Living comes to your rescue! Order Clear Vegetable Capsules, Item No. 3193 and you get 250 capsules. Take capsule before each meal or as desired when experiencing discomfort.

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