Slique Tea for a Sleek Me

Slique KitNew Kit For Weight Management:

The Slique Kit was created to support normal, healthy weight management* this year! Gary Young put together several Young Living products that offer a powerful, natural approach to weight management when used along with exercise and a sensible diet. Don’t expect to eat twinkies all day and get skinny, that’s an oxymoron. Instead, ramp up your plans for healthy living and nutrition to make the sleek physique that you seek. (So I’m corny, I got teenagers, I’ve earned the right.) Let’s take a quick look at each product and why it’s an important part of this new kit:
Slique Tea—Formulated to help control appetite while providing flavonoids and catechins, which are thought to help maintain normal body functions.*
Slique Essence Essential Oil Blend—Helps control hunger and support digestion with a unique blend of citrus oils and spearmint.* This newly formulated blend is only available in the Slique Kit.
Balance Complete™—A nutrient-rich meal replacement that supplies the body with necessary fiber.* Its effects are amplified when used with Slique Essence.measuring skinny waist
Essentialzymes-4™—Helps break down fats and other complex foods for normal, healthy nutrient absorption and digestion.*
NingXia Red®—Rich in phytonutrients and antioxidants, this nutritional supplement supports normal, healthy wellness and a sense of sustained energy.*
Join the Slique movement by ordering the new Slique Kit (Item No. 4798 for enrollments or Item No. 4587 for Essential Rewards).
The Slique Kit is also available in a vegetarian version, which substitutes Power Meal for Balance Complete and Detoxzyme® for Essentialzymes-4. Order Item No. 4799 to enroll as a new member with this kit or Item No. 4588 for Essential Rewards.

[No, that is not me, but thank you for considering that for even a nanosecond. 😉 ]

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