Melrose Essential Oil Blend

Melrose essential oil blend
Item No. 3378

Melrose essential oil blend is my go-to solution for maintaining a wellness lifestyle. This blend contains four essential oils with some heavy duty properties that support normal, healthy body functioning. Melrose is my knee-jerk answer when it comes to mastering a wellness lifestyle. If the potential for grossness is there, you know what I mean, kid stepped in what after falling down? Just because it looks clean, doesn’t mean it is, as ninja moms know very well. 

What’s in Melrose Blend?

Melaleuca alternifolia, also known as tea tree oil

Niaouli essential oil

Rosemary essential oil gives Melrose a satisfying aroma

Clove essential oil has a really cool taste.


Add 2 – 4 drops to bath water.

What do you do with it?

  • Dilute 1 part essential oil to 1 part vegetable oil (olive or almond, not the Crisco stuff :P)
  • Put it on broken skin, cuts, scrapes, burns, rashes, and infection.  Follow with Rose Ointment, Item No.3709 to keep oils sealed into the wound.
  • Inhale it (smell it) directly out of the bottle.
  • Diffuse it: Only cold-diffusers, please. Heat messes up essential oils. Young Living has several great diffusers available:
    • Aria Ultrasonic Diffuser Item No. 4524 makes a mist with a couple drops of any essential oil and water. Plus, it looks really cool with colored lights & you can hook it up to your tunes. Comes with two 5 ml bottles of oil: peppermint & tangerine.
    • Dewdrop Diffuser Item No. 5330 Custom designed with up to four hours of continuous run diffusion, automatic shut-off, and ambient light control, Young Living’s Dewdrop Diffuser can transform any space into a spa-like atmosphere. This one comes in the starter kit too!
    • Home Diffuser Item No. 4468 This diffuser is the most affordable, it uses ultrasonic stuff to make a mist from a few drops of essential oils and distilled water. As an extra bonus, when you buy this diffuser you also get 2 essential oils, Lavender and Citrus Fresh, in 4 ml bottles

Where else can you find Melrose essential oil blend?

It is part of the Golden Touch 1 essential oil collection, Item No. 3130.

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