Vetiver Essential Oil

 Vetiver Essential Oil: This ninja mom puts vetiver essential oil on her big toes every day to fight that nasty nemesis………Uh, I don’t remember, I got distracted. Adults & ninja moms can suffer from this lousy problem, it’s not limited to fidgety elementary school kids. We just show it differently, since we can’t get up and run around the classroom a lot. Feeling “scattered.” Hard to concentrate (never mind the toddler jumping all over you…

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Oils I Used Today

using oils

Peppermint and cedarwood– bar soap — the minty smell helps me wake up in the morning ART Day Activator (frankincense, sandalwood & other stuff) — gives me the appearance of soft, smooth skin Ningxia Red — secret ninja mom powers Omega Blue — wellness lifestyle Thieves – household cleaner, cuz it looked like someone turned on the blender full of tomato sauce without a lid in the kitchen. Not that anyone would actually do anything…

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