Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon Vitality* is one of those can’t go wrong essential oils, put a drop in a pitcher of water and drink it right up. It supports normal, healthy memory, if I could only remember that part. The fragrance of lemon essential oil promotes clarity of thought & purpose, as well as being invigorating and enhancing to my mood, and that’s a good thing.  Make lemonade with it using Blue Agave (Item No. 3221) natural sweetener. Check out yummy Lemon Tea Cookies recipe. Put a couple drops in a spoonful of honey for soothing or melt that spoonful of honey & lemon essential oil in warm water and gargle. Get rid of stinky, musty odors by putting 10 drops in a small spray bottle with water, shake it up and spray away. Helps relaxation Moms with teenagers need to relax!

It takes about 6,600 lemons (cold pressed from rind) to make one pound of Lemon essential oil. That’s a lot of lemons.  [image: Mr T in DC:Flickr]

**Our “Vitality” line of oils are labeled for ingestion in the body.

What is Lemon Essential Oil Good For?

Add one teaspoon of Lemon essential oil to one cup mineral oil for an effective furniture polish.

For general household cleaning purposes, it works well for removing gum, wood stain, oil, and grease spots.

Item No. 3578

Add a few drops to your dishwasher for spot free dishes.

Diffuse to freshen your home or add a few drops to a spray bottle to deodorize the air.

Add two drops Lemon Vitality to water for purification or combine with peppermint to provide a refreshing lift.

Add Lemon Vitality to food or rice or soy milk as a dietary supplement and flavoring.

Add ten drops to a cotton ball and place inside your vacuum cleaner.

Use it to get tar off your car.

Use it to free your bath drain.

Use it with your pets and animals.

What do you do with it?

Dilute 1 part essential oil to 1 part vegetable oil (olive or almond, not the Crisco stuff 😛 )
2 to 4 drops on location.

Inhale it (smell it) directly out of the bottle.

Diffuse it: Only cold-diffusers, please. Heat messes up essential oils. Young Living has several great diffusers available:

  • Aria Ultrasonic Diffuser Item No. 4524 makes a mist with a couple drops of any essential oil and water. Plus, it looks really cool with colored lights & you can hook it up to your tunes. Comes with two 5 ml bottles of oil: peppermint & tangerine.
  • Dewdrop Diffuser Item No. 5330 Custom designed with up to four hours of continuous run diffusion, automatic shut-off, and ambient light control, Young Living’s Dewdrop Diffuser can transform any space into a spa-like atmosphere. This one comes in the starter kit too!
  • Home Diffuser Item No. 4468 This diffuser is the most affordable, it uses ultrasonic stuff to make a mist from a few drops of essential oils and distilled water. As an extra bonus, when you buy this diffuser you also get 2 essential oils, Lavender and Citrus Fresh, in 4 ml bottles

Take Lemon Vitality as a dietary supplement. To take internally, buy some vegetable gel capsules from your local Whole Foods or health-conscious food store. If you don’t have one of those, Young Living comes to your rescue! Order Clear Vegetable Capsules, Item No. 3193 and you get 250 capsules.

Where else can you find Lemon essential oil?

It is part of Awaken, Citrus Fresh, Clarity, Forgiveness, Gentle Baby, Harmony, Joy, Raven, Surrender, and Thieves essential oil blends, Balance Complete, and NingXia Red® nutritional supplements. Lemon essential oil is also found in the Everyday Oils kit


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