Snap Out Of It Recipe

swirly color

You may have noticed my Oil A Week isn’t quite posted this week.  Bummer week, still wishing I could put Abundance Blend on my fig tree out back and create a money tree, cuz we got a dead car, fried electrical wiring in the kitchen, and RIP to my digital camera as well.  So I’ve been strictly following this Snap Out Of It protocol which I invented:

1. Smear Clarity oil all over my face on a semi-compulsive basis.

2. Diffuse En-R-Gee oil blend daily, rotating with Motivation, and Abundance. (Diffuser has pretty colored lights…..)

3. Continuing to dump Common Sense oil blend on teenagers as often as feasible.

As a result of this relentless oily routine, I’m now finishing this post instead of the Oil A Week post. But my ninja skills do predict the completion of OAW in the near future as I deftly spring into action with some Ningxia Red (aka “Ninja Juice”) for breakfast in the morning.

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