Teenager Attitudes Reversed!

Yup, you saw that right…attitudes reversed, mom of teenagers experiences relief…. film at 11:00 pm.  A Young Living Distributor with 3 teenage boys, all with special challenges, Sylvia was wayyyy past due for some respite from her daily circus of teenage attitude along with the other all-too-familiar traits of Planet Teenage Boy (PTB) citizens. The air was tense, the parents were tense, the teenagers were busy eye-rolling, nit picking at each other, not listening (“Huh?!”), and seemingly trying to break some kind of world record for marathon teenage angst demonstration.  With not a moment to spare, Sylvia’s ninja mom skills took over and Peace & Calming was quickly applied behind everybody’s ears (mastoid bone). Yes, including her own. Following my triage instructions, the family has applied Peace & Calming 2 or 3 times a day to all teenagers involved.  Attitudes melted, PTB citizens demonstrated civilized behavior, and Sylvia is saving up her lunch money for a diffuser to keep the Peace & Calming pumping all night long in the boys’ bedroom. From stress-full to grace-full living.  Real teenagers, real moms, real results. Kum-by-yah already.

[Image: annetaintor.com]

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