Pet Marking Be Gone

Could this adorable fuzz ball completely wreck carpeting in pursuit of “claiming” territory as her own? You bet! No matter how many times we’ve tried to get her to go potty on the potty pad (what a concept!) she has this one spot in the back of the living room that she prefers. Lotsa money, scrubbing, and cleaning of the area does not seem to affect her marking habits one bit. Cut to the chase…. I’m in local retail pet stuff store, perusing shelves of potions claiming to repel my little one from her favorite peeing spot– all for a mere $29.95 and up. Suddenly, I decide to take a look at what these magic formulas actually contain to decide if I’m gonna shell out the bucks to win this battle. Then I smile, I chuckle, I laugh even as I determine that along with a little bit of dish soap, most of them mainly consist of lemongrass essential oil and cinnamon essential oil. I can do that, and I’ve got the power of Young Living Therapeutic Grade oils which would blow the socks off the expensive potions in the store. And, I don’t have to worry about it actually harming my little pup. One step closer to world peace.

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