Boost Out of Negativity

We all find ourselves stuck in the miry pit of negative emotions sometimes. Some people feel stuck there everyday. It’s like wearing brown colored glasses, seeming to make the whole world poopy. Taking off those brown glasses & recognizing the beauty of life is no longer like finding your way to an obscure place without a map. Young Living founder, Gary Young, gave us a map, a boost out of the wilderness of those dark journeys with the power of pure essential oils in the Feelings Kit.

Cut to the chase, Pam! How do you use these things?

Valor: Put on bottom of feet to start your journey with courage & self-confidence.

Harmony: Put some on forehead & over heart to release negativity out of your inner world.

Forgiveness: Yes, it’s necessary, it doesn’t make whatever happened to you okay, but it can help you let go. It doesn’t free the bad guys, it frees YOU. Put a drop on your belly button & let it go [insert movie song here]

Present Time: Let’s get grounded, reconnected with the here &now. Put some on each wrist & on the bone behind each ear.

Release: Break the chains of frustration by putting this on your liver (right side)

Inner Child: We all have one, not just people with 100 personalities like those lame 80’s movies. It is perfectly normal to connect with the playful, young side of yourself. Draw your attention & listen to what the little one inside wants to do for once. Put some under your nose & breathe in the joy.

Valor Again: Complete the session with a couple drops on the bottom of your feet, with another boost into this beautiful world.

Coolness Factor: You can do this as often as you like. No limits in this process of calming the storms of negativity.

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