9 Outrageous Oils To Make Your Life Explode

  1. 050931-N-9769P-0011.3 Wise Men” – Really?? Are there that many? I’m not so sure. The Bible doesn’t even say there were three of them back then either. However, if this is true, then they are some pretty awesome men, because it “supports emotional equilibrium as it soothes and uplifts the heart.” Teddy bears and chocolate usually do that for me, but those are far less potent than this essential oil blend. It got me thru some serious therapy–I did lose my hearing after all. If there was any time my heart needed to be soothed and uplifted, that would be it. And it worked.
  2. Build Your Dream I wish I could remember why my dream had my hubby give me an ice cream cone in bed. But this kind of dream building is about 20 years of Young Living Essential Oils, and I’ve been blessed to be a part of it for 15 of those years. It’s about lives being changed, children raised healthy, houses cleaned without poison, the ability to let a 4 1/2 lb Yorkie lick the floor obsessively and not fear she may die. It’s about being disabled and yet finally able to contribute to the family needs, it’s about the 3 year old who would ask for her Peace & Calming when she was having a tantrum. It works. Today I cannot imagine not using essential oils everyday.
  3. Common SenseThis is an absolute must have when raising teenagers. They don’t have any. I sprinkle it on the top of their heads when they are sleeping like some kind of Tooth Fairy with an ulterior motive. As a result, I have gotten amazing statements from teenagers that would shock most parents: “Yeah, there’s really no point in lying about lying.” “A bunch of kids got expelled from school today for pot. Not any of my friends, no way!” On the way to school: “Um, you missed a really important parent meeting last night cuz I kind of forgot to tell you about it.”
  4. Dragon TimeWomen everywhere have no problem figuringfire-breathing-152667_640 out the purpose of this essential oil blend. It’s that time when you feel like a fire-breathing dragon who might just bbq the next male who makes a snide remark about the calendar. Nothing soothes the fire right out of the dragon better than Dragon Time essential oil blend. Heck, we got it in bath and shower gel and even in a massage oil, ladies. Now there’s an idea!
  5. “Exodus II” I thought Moses already took care of that. Now we gotta do the whole red sea thing all over again? No, really it’s a different kind of Exodus, as in get all the nasties right on outta your body. Usher those toxins and and whatever bad stuff away from you. This blend may have been used in ancient times to protect the Israelites from the plague. Well, that and God and all… yeah.
  6. “Gathering”  My initial question was “What, exactly are we gathering through the use of this oil?” First off, it helps to gather oxygen to your brain. Oxygen in brain is good. The whiz-bang of it all is it helps us gather our emotional and spiritual thoughts, so that we can achieve our potential (You know, Be All That You Can Be, yadda, yadda) Unfortunately, many of us are not doing that. We keep trying to jump to the next level of our capabilities, but we never quite grab hold. Use Gathering blend to kick it up a notch. We know you can do it!cute_puppy
  7. “FUN” Seriously guyz, we got Fun in a bottle? All in favor of FUN raise your hand!! Even the Product Guide uses exciting words like “euphoric emotions,” “pleasure,” and “joy.” Yep, that’s right ladies and gentlemen Young Living Essential Oils has managed to stuff an entire Cocker Spaniel puppy into a 5ml bottle. All those feelings that make you get all googly-eyed and using baby talk.
  8. “Live With Passion” I’ve never been sure about filing it under Passion, Live With, or Live With Passion. I would never make a very good librarian. This essential oil blend is all about stirring up the zest for life, and supports internal energy. Ninja Moms really like that. And just like the whip cream on your Starbucks drink, Live With Passion also helps you obtain a positive and even optimistic outlook. People often say I’m very passionate about what I believe in. Using essential oils everyday most definitely has developed that passionate fire in me to make a difference in the world, doggone it!
  9. “Present Time” How many blog posts have you seen about being “in the moment“? Mindfulness is the new black. It’s the serenity everyone longs for, the zen of zen (is that possible?) Present Time keeps your brain from flying off on all those past problems and relationships that are renting your head. Pulls you to the Here And Now, Obi-wan Kenobi style. Which really explodes my life because I realize how much of it I waste grumbling about the past and missing the miracle that is happening right in front of me. The beauty of every human being. The ridiculously adorableness of puppies. The ocean waves crashing over the tide pools. Relationships that have held on like super glue to my hubby’s fingers. Be present, right here and now, and celebrate what is right in front of you.

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