8 Kinds of Awesome

Helichrysum is full of awesomeness. It’s in one of my favorite blends,  Deep Relief. A little bit earthy, a little bit herby, its invigorating aroma can chase away the sluggish energy in a room. And that’s just the start of the dozens of ways this essential oil is a multitasking all-star.

1Helichrysum flowers are sometimes called Immortelle, or the Everlasting Flower, possibly because of the way its essential oil can smooth the appearance of fine lines and uneven skin tone. Home spa night, anyone?

Helichrysum Essential Oil2 Helichrysum is a self-seeding plant in the sunflower family. It grows native in rocky and sandy terrains throughout the Mediterranean. If you love helichrysum oil, you should    probably book a Mediterranean vacation to go see it for yourself  ASAP. How awesome is that? Just sayin.

3The word “helichrysum” comes from Latin and Greek roots, meaning “gold spiral.” Its beautiful, tiny golden blossoms definitely deserve the name.

4Hit a slump? Throw some helichrysum and eucalyptus radiata into your diffuser. The fresh, earthy, invigorating scent will perk your space right up and help you refocus on that mile-long  to-do list. It probably                wouldn’t hurt during homework time either.

5 Tiny flowers mean tiny yields of essential oil. We steam distill the delicate blossoms of this plant, and while we don’t get much oil from each distillation, that oil has a rich and complex profile of the naturally occurring  constituents neryl acetate, gamma-curcumene, and alpha-pinene. Precious awesomeness!

Peppermint Essential Oil6Hitting the gym? One of our top helichrysum oil uses is sports massage. Add a few drops of helichrysum and peppermint to V-6™ Vegetable Oil Complex and knead into muscles wherever you need it. Believe me—that treadmill won’t look so scary tomorrow.

7 Helichrysum is typically harvested wild from the rocky shores of Croatia’s Dalmatia region, but Young Living’s helichrysum is cultivated at our farm in Split, Croatia. By cultivating this rare plant (purposefully planting to sustain it), Young Living is helping to protect from exploitation and overharvesting. In using our helichrysum essential oil, you’re helping support sustainable agriculture. Doesn’t that feel awesome?

8 Skin dull and dry from time out in the sun? Help revive it with a soothing, aromatic combination of helichrysum, lavender, and coconut oil. Gently massage the mixture onto your skin, then kick back with a honey-lavender lemonade for a total inside-out refresh from the heat.


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