What am I paying for?

If you ever wonder why you can’t get Young Living Essential Oils at the 99 Cent Store, here is some info about what you are paying for when you order from Young Living:

  • For the horses to plow the fields
  • For the workers to sow the seeds, and the gallons of water for the plants to drink.
  • For the time and effort put into producing compost to feed the plants, and the workers to weed the fields.
  • For patience. It takes up to 3 years for a Melissa plant to mature!
  • For the tons of plants turned away because they are not good enough.
  • For state-of-the-art distillers.
  • For Gary’s research, expertise, and God-given intuition to formulate the blends and products that are available nowhere else.
  • For the people –for their dedication– administrative assistants, packagers, drivers, phone operators, computer operators, researchers.
  • For the education we receive each time we attend a Young Living gathering.
  • For the teachers and the messengers
  • For friends all over the world

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